Recruitment Process


With such a diverse business we operate a targeted approach to our interview process. This means that the process you go through will be tailored to the position you applied for. Your resourcing contact will talk you through the specifics of your interview sessions. However to give you a starting point, we have created some handy FAQ's to help you prepare yourself! Also don't forget to check out our general interview guide as well!

Bringing People Together

What should I expect from an interview at Thorntons?

We have a fair and open recruitment process designed, to not only allow you to demonstrate your range of skills and experience, but as an opportunity for us to showcase our culture, career opportunities and strategy. We've created a flexible recruitment process to draw out the key skills required for the position. Your recruitment contact will be able to talk you though the exact nature of the process.

Should I do any research before my interview?

Before you attend the interview, familiarise yourself with Thorntons, our strategy and our products. We have a huge retail presence as well as presence in multiple grocers and a thriving online business. Consider taking some time to visit a store and form some opinions about the brand.

Get to know your CV, and think about what you have achieved in your career to date. Be prepared to talk about your achievements. Don't be shy, this is your chance to let us know just how good you are!

What should I expect from a behavioural Interview?

A competency based interview is a style of interview where we use example based questions to give an insight into your preferred style of working. We would then view this as an indication of behaviour in similar situations. The interviewer will ask a series of example based questions that are aligned to a set of key behaviours identified by the business as relevant to the role. You will be asked to answer these questions using examples from their professional experience. An example of this might be ‘Tell me about a time you have worked in a successful team'.

The key to success in these type of questions is to come prepared, be as specific as possible and talk through both the activity and the achievement in your example.

A good way to prepare for these type of questions is to think about the full scope of the example and break it down into key parts.

  • What was the initial situation?
  • How did you go about initially approaching this situation?
  • What did you do to resolve the situation?
  • What was the outcome and what did you learn?

A typical competency based interview will last approximately between forty five minutes to an hour.

What should I expect from a biographical Interview?

A biographical interview is typically focussed on your CV and will be a discussion about your industry experience as well as your career journey to date. Be prepared to answer questions around the scope of your previous roles, your reasons for leaving previous employment and your key achievements whilst in role.

Take some time to get to know your CV and think about the journey you have taken so far. Be honest but respectful about former employers and ensure you are familiar with the achievements stated on your CV, as you will probably be asked to expand on them.

Also, take some time to think about your personal style, your strengths and your development areas.

Will I get an opportunity to meet other members of the team?

In certain interviews, we will arrange some time for you to meet with team members, key stakeholders or direct reports. This is to help us to ascertain cultural fit with the business but often this is also time for you to probe into the environment, culture and working practices of the team and business. Feel free to ask questions that help you understand the business.